View the Doyon stock brochure for information on Doyon and the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, understanding Doyon stock, and the rights, restrictions and responsibilities related to shareholders and Doyon stock. Click here to download a PDF of the brochure.


Q - When is the next shareholder distribution, and how much will it be?

A - Distributions are made in December of each year. The amount of the distribution will be based on the average net profits for the preceding five years.

Q -Does Doyon have direct deposit for shareholder dividends?

A - Yes. Forms are available online or by coming into the shareholder records department office.

Q - Can I sell my stock?

A - No, Doyon stock is restricted and cannot be sold, transferred or traded. Originally, the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) put these restrictions on Native corporation stock through 1991. After that time, unless shareholders of the corporation voted to lift the restrictions, they automatically continued. In 1989, 75 percent of the shareholders who responded to a survey said they wanted to continue the restrictions.

Q - How long does it take for a deceased shareholder's stock to be reissued to next of kin?

A - If there are no problems with the estate, it takes approximately 120 days to determine a deceased shareholder's heirs. Doyon typically takes approximately six months if any of the potential heirs object to the distribution of shares. All dividends are held until the stock is distributed to the proper heirs.

Q - Are distributions taxable?

A - ANCSA allowed Native corporations to pay non-taxable distributions equal to the amount received in their original cash settlement. For Doyon, that amount is approximately $54 million. From 1989 to 1999, Doyon paid more than $54 million in non-taxable distributions to shareholders, making all future distributions taxable.